Butter is the second track of BTS that is completely in English and has become the summer anthem of 2021. 

Butter will dominate the music charts and everyone's playlist for a very long time now.

See the BTS Butter teaser here.

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Butter is going to be BTS' second track to be completely in English after Dynamite. 

See the glimpse of BTS' Butter here.

BTS also shared the link to pre-save the song.

Hear the snippet of V from BTS' new song here.

The 'Dynamite' music video currently holds 982 Million views on Youtube. 

Rose's On the Ground has bagged the #1 spot in worldwide trending Youtube videos. 

See the Why Why Why music video by iKon here

K-Pop band BTS released the song in the form of a video call version where it seems as if all of them are singing to their fans via their phone. 

TRI.BE consists of Kelly, Jia, Soeun, Mire, Songsun, Jinha and Hyunbin.

As the video premiered, it was revealed by Youtube's live counter that as much as 3 million people viewed it as soon as it released.

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