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K-Pop band iKon releases new emotional track ‘Why Why Why’

Why Why Why, iKon

See the Why Why Why music video by iKon here

Popular K-Pop boyband iKon introduced their fans to an entirely different kind of music than usual in their new track ‘Why Why Why’ which released recently. The theme explored in the song is also a serious one and expresses what happens when a serious relationship comes to an end.

Why Why Why was composed by Bobby, the rapper of the band along with LP, CHOICE37, Sonny and LIL G. The music video has also been shot with lots of beatiful sets and locations. Every member of the band i.e. Jinhwan, Yunhyeong,  Bobby, Donghyuk, Ju-ne and Chanwoo have been featured in different backdrops.

See the Why Why Why music video by iKon here:

Here is how the fans felt about the music video:

iKon’s new song Why Why Why is a comeback since their last track ‘Dive’ that released more than a year ago. The boyband will soon be seen making an appearance in the reality show Kingdom: Legendary War with other K-Pop bands.

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