Zee Theatre’s year-ender special with five engrossing teleplays

These insightful and relatable stories will be screened from 27th to 31st of December, on Tata Sky Theatre to signal the end of an eventful year.

Zee Theatre, TV Shows 2021

As we take stock of the challenges and triumphs of 2021, Zee Theatre brings a year-ender special packed with five teleplays. These insightful and relatable stories will be screened from 27th to 31st of December, on Tata Sky Theatre to signal the end of an eventful year.

An overview of the offerings:

Gudiya Ki Shaadi: The teleplay takes a light-hearted jab at the standards of beauty set by society, especially with regards to women. Shweta Basu Prasad plays the lead role Gudiya – a strong and confident girl who is proud of her skin colour and is seldom affected by the judgemental society, but soon her happy-go-lucky life takes an unusual turn on the most important day of her life – the wedding day. A mix-up in the shampoo leads to Gudiya losing her eyebrows and her sweet Indian wedding turns into a pungent comedy of errors. What remains to be seen is if Gudiya will be able to convince everyone to not panic and save her marriage?
The teleplay is directed by Sourabh Shrivastava and stars Shweta Basu Prasad, Virendra Saxena, Samta Sagar, Ishtiyaq Khan, Saroj Sharma, Neha Saraf, Vikram Kochhar and Anveshi Jain. It will be screened on Tata Sky Theatre on 27th December, 2021 at 2pm and 8pm.

White Lily and Night Rider: With the pseudonyms, ‘White Lily’ and ‘Night Rider’, two 30-something individuals build virtual online identities and fall in love with each other. But when they decide to meet in person, things don’t quite go as planned. The teleplay uses humour and irony to highlight the difference between the real and online personalities of people which often leads to mismatched expectations.
It stars Sonali Kulkarni and Milind Phatak and is directed by Swapna Waghmare Joshi. The teleplay will be screened on Tata Sky Theatre on 28th December 2021 at 2pm and 8pm.

The Will: ‘The Will’ revolves around six youngsters who meet at an ancient mansion in the outskirts of Bhopal in the hope of a large inheritance. Here they are confronted by both the horrors of their past and the mysterious forces that lurk in the dark corners of the house. Set in the 60s, the play promises generous doses of both horror and humour as well as great insights into human nature.
The teleplay stars Brijendra Kala, Anil Charanjeett, Pawan Chopra, Vikram Kochar, Anjum Sharma, and Shriswara and is directed by Akhilesh Jaiswal. The teleplay will be screened on 29th December 2021 at Tata Sky Theatre at 2pm and 8pm.

Ladies Sangeet: Directed and written by Purva Naresh, ‘Ladies Sangeet’ is a theatrical treat and a modern classic. The teleplay tells the story of young Radha who is to wed her beau Siddharth at her ancestral home in the hinterlands while her enthusiastic family members and their wedding planner are trying to ensure that the wedding follows every possible Bollywood trope! The play uses wit, humour, music, and drama to bring out extremely relevant challenges faced by families and individuals, especially against the backdrop of a big, fat Indian wedding.
The teleplay stars Joy Sengupta, Loveleen Mishra, Nidhi Singh, Siddhant Karnick, Harsh Khurana, Sarika Singh and Monica Gupta. It will be screened on 30th December, 2021 on Tata Sky Theatre at 2pm and 8pm.

Sir Sir Sarla: Writer, director and actor Makarand Deshpande’s much-loved classic, ‘Sir Sir Sarla’ is the story of Professor Palekar and his student Sarla – the pretty, innocent young girl who seems to be enamored by her mentor – and Phanidhar who shares a love-hate relationship with the professor. The play explores the bond between the students and their professor, which faces many ebbs and flows. Secrets are revealed, accusations are thrown, and the three lives remain interwoven for many years to come.

The teleplay stars Makarand Deshpande, Aahana Kumra, Sanjay Dadhich and Anjum Sharma.It will be screened on 31st December, 2021 on Tata Sky Theatre at 2pm and 8pm.