Meanwhile Angad calls Srishti and tells that he has planned something. Srishti is clueless.

Aparna recalled how, on the set, every small prop was sanitized including flowers.

Will Angad tell Sudha about Srishti’s truth and how will this impact his and Srishti’s marriage?

Ex-husband (Sarthak) and wife (Srishti) getting locked in the same room on the day of Srishti’s engagement. Mere co-incidence or well-planned ploy?

Would Naveli bring this secret out in the open and how will Sarthak react when he sees Srishti getting Angad’s name written on her hand?

Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi is an interesting love triangle between Srishti, Sarthak and Angad.

Srishti makes all attempts to tell Angad about her ex-husband but Angad refuses to listen.

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