Aparna Dixit: It is quite challenging to do a wedding sequence in the Covid era

Aparna recalled how, on the set, every small prop was sanitized including flowers.

Aparna Dixit

Daily soaps are incomplete without celebrations and what better celebration than a wedding sequence. But with the new set of safety guidelines for TV shoots, pulling off a typical television wedding sequence is a challenge.

However, the cast and crew of Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi which airs on Dangal channel ensured that the new norm of shooting does not hamper the level of entertainment for the viewers.

The serial is at an interesting point where Aparna Dixit aka Srishti is all set to get married for the second time, but this time to Alan Kapoor aka Angad.

Talking about the difference in shooting the wedding sequence as compared to pre Covid-19 situation, Aparna Dixit says, “Wedding sequences normally also are difficult because of the heavy bridal costume, extra makeup, jewelry and complex hair styles and generally these sequences go on for a long time. Sometimes, they go on for a number of days. And when you are shooting from the first scene to the last scene, you are constantly in that heavy makeup and jewelry. You can’t keep removing your jewelry again and again. So now in this Covid-19 situation, it has become more difficult. I have to be extra cautious to avoid getting touch ups done frequently. I can’t keep calling the makeup artist or the hairstylist for touch ups because safety is the most important. Along with the heavy bridal costume, ornaments and makeup, I have to wear my mask all the time for my safety. It is quite challenging to do a wedding sequence amidst this situation.”

“But, at the same time, as an actor, I believe in being ready to face any sort of challenging or uncomfortable situation. As actors, we need to fulfil the requirements right from shooting in scorching heat to getting wet in rains. I am treating this situation also as a challenge where amidst lockdown you have to shoot without doing touch ups.”

Talking about one major challenge, Aparna says, “Wedding sequences require the application of henna (mehndi). And for that one needs to ensure that you are not washing your hands frequently, else the design would fade. But, now with the current situation, I have to frequently keep sanitizing and washing my hands and at the same time ensure that the henna (mehndi) sticker doesn’t fade. For a couple of my previous on screen weddings, I’ve applied henna at my home a day or night prior.”

Aparna recalled how, on the set, every small prop was sanitized including flowers. The set decoration was done on the same day within a couple of hours. Pre-Covid all of this would take an entire night of work since the sequences are as elaborate as a normal Indian wedding. My hair, make-up, costume took less than half the amount time it would take otherwise. Also, only the main cast and crew along with a few junior artistes were allowed to be present.

Aparna believes in being ready to face any sort of challenges that come her way.