We bring you the list of some of the very best Bollywood directors who have turned actors too!

A video has been making the rounds on the internet which features exclusive snippets of all the behind the scenes fun

The music video for 'Meri Tum Ho' features all the cast members engaging in some wholesome moments with their loved ones in the film.

It is called Humdum Hardum and the vibe of it is as fun as the trailer of the soon to release film.

A challenge to portray but equally satisfying. I can’t wait till you all meet him

The young actor shared his starstruck moment when he saw him and shared screens with him for the first time.

The track contained the mesmerising voice of Arijit Sing coupled with an upbeat vibe.

The trailer featured a glimpse into 4 different stories and how they will get woven into one owing to the butterfly effect.

There is no doubt that Yo Yo Honey Singh has introduced Hip-hop to Bollywood, he has changed the music scenario...

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