Salil Jamdar is BACK!

Salil Jamdar

You might remember him as the guy from Jabra Parody or the Mai hoon hero tera parody or the Prem Ratan Dhan Payo parody… The list is countless! His name is Salil Jamdar and He’s back with his new Song The ‘Marry-You-Anna’ Song.

Salil Jamdar who has been away from action for more than a year now is back with his all New YouTube channel ‘Salil Jamdar & Co.’ and now his new song ‘Marry-You-Anna’ is out too.

Speaking about ‘Marry-You-Anna’, Salil shares, “My new channel, ‘Salil Jamdar & Co.’ is up and I have already made three videos which you can check out on my channel. Now I have just released the fourth song called ‘Marry-You-Anna’. For the first time I have shot out of Mumbai, which is a big thing for a Youtube video. For this one I went to Manali and shot it there in Guerrila style with a crew of just 5 members.

He further added, “This is a very bold song. I always try to say something through my videos, whether it is a funny video or a bold video, I always want to say something in a very entertaining way. That is what I have done in this video, I have raised questions on tobacco and alcohol, things that are harmful but legal in our country and other countries. Whereas something else which is actually not physically harmful and also has medicinal uses is illegal. When you see the video you will get what I mean. I know I am going to face a lot of backlash for this but I am ready for it.

About parting ways with his former YouTube channel ‘Shudh Desi Gaane’, Salil says, “It’s been more than a year that we parted ways. There were differences in vision. They had their own reasons to discontinue Shudh Desi Gaane. But I wanted to continue, I didn’t want to stop. So we mutually decided to part ways.”

“This decision to start my own channel was not immediate. After discontinuing with ‘Shudh Desi Gaane’ I did not know whether to start my own channel or not. I was looking to collaborate with someone else. I met a lot of people, I spent a lot of time before arriving to this decision that I should start it on my own. Also, if you look at my videos they are not normal selfie videos that I can always shoot at my home. It needs a certain amount of budget, so I had to be prepared for that, I had to make a lot of arrangements. I had to make sure that this time when I start I don’t have to stop again.”

“In the year gone by, I have been receiving messages every single day on my Instagram account, Facebook page etc. where people keep saying things like ‘Where are you’, ‘Please come back’, ‘Are you dead’ etc. Even now not all of my fans know that I am back with my own new channel. But the news is spreading fast now.”

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