Netflix brings you another anthology series ‘Zindagi inShort’

Zindagi inShort

Zindagi inShort contains a total of 7 short stories.

Streaming giant Netflix has released yet another anthology for their viewers. It is called ‘Zindagi inShort’ and has been produced by Oscar awardee Guneet Monga’s production Sikhya Entertainment along with Achin Jain. The series contains a total of 7 short stories.

Guneet shared that the show has already begun streaming on the platform while sharing the link to the show for their viewers to watch. Her tweet said, “In a world of over 7 billion stories, we bring 7 extraordinary ones for you!
Zindagi inShort, is now streaming on Netflix”

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Along with this, Netflix’s Instagram handle also shared exclusive stills from the short films while explaining a bit about the series. The post said, “You’ve watched slice-of-life shows before, but have you ever seen so thin a slice pack so rich a punch? Across these seven simple shorts you’ll see young, complicated love, struggles for dignity, a burst of positivity, deep wells of courage, unabashed freedom, the intricacies of trust and rich dark comedy.”

It added, “What makes these shorts so impactful is their perfect portrayal of Zindagi as is, with all the twists and turns that makes reality stranger than fiction. Subtle performances from the wonderful cast and delicate handling from the seven directors turn these simple, short everyday stories into an explosive capsule of human emotion, our insecurities, fears and hopes.”

“By focusing on these tiny moments that we so often overlook, the anthology shows us the larger picture we often miss–Life is complicated and unpredictable and rarely follows the roads we expect it to. But each tiny moment, in each new love, each brave risk, each surprising twist, is what makes up our human lives.” The post concluded with that.

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