Love J Action trailer out; This romantic thriller looks nail biting

Love J Action

See the Love J Action trailer here

India’s streaming platform Sony LIV will soon be releasing a new web series titled Love J Action. The show is going to be a crime thriller with a romantic touch. By the first look of the trailer of the show that just dropped, the show has a unique storyline that will surely catch your attention will leave you wanting more.

As the Love J Action trailer stars, you see a person getting beaten by police in order to find out the whereabouts of a woman called Kamya who has been missing. The person is later revealed to be Jackson Awasthi and laughs instead of answering the question. Soon it is revealed that Kamya has been kidnapped days before she was about to get married to an SP.

See the Love J Action trailer here:

Love J Action will star Anud Singh Dhaka in the lead role. Actors like Kangan Baruah Nangia, Puru Chibber, Rohit Chaudhary and Priyank Tiwari will also play key roles in the show. All the episodes will be available for streaming on Sony LIV from 12 MArch 2021.

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