Javed Jaffrey is back with his superb commentary for a ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ like game show

See Javed Jaffrey’s Lava Ka Dhaava trailer here.

Javed Jaffrey
Source: Twitter

No one can forget the golden era when comedian Javed Jaffrey used to do voice-overs on a Japanese reality game show titled ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ that aired on Pogo TV. Although the show was from another country, the actor’s hilarious commentary was all it took for us to love that show dearly. Streaming Service Netflix recently announced that he will be returning for commentary for a new game show titled ‘Lava Ka Dhaava’.

The show is going to be an adaptation of a Netflix original show titled ‘Floor is Lava’. The trailer regarding the same was also released recently. The show will follow a format similar to Takeshi’s Castle where contestants were put through various physical tasks to see how spontaneous and good they are at completing them.

See Javed Jaffrey’s Lava Ka Dhaava trailer here:

The description of the show read, “An obstacle game show, a room filled with literal lava and Jaaved Jaaferi’s commentary. #LavaKaDhaava​ is a dubbed adaptation of The Floor Is Lava, where teams compete to navigate rooms flooded with literal lava. Leaping from chairs, hanging from curtains, swinging from chandeliers, climbing the walls – it only gets MORE intense. Catch the action unfold with Jaaved Jaaferi in Lava Ka Dhaava”

The show will premiere on Netflix on 5th May 2021.