Hello Mini 3: Popular psycho-thriller series is back with a third season

See the ‘Hello Mini 3’ trailer here.

Hello Mini 3, MX Player
Source: Twitter

One of the most noted series from streaming service MX player has to be Hello Mini 3. The web show‘s unique concept and powerful performances have led to a wide fan base across the nation. Fans were delighted to find out that a new trailer has been released for the third season of the show.

Anuja Joshi, who has been playing the role of the protagonist i.e Rivanah has been on a quest for the last two seasons to find the identity of her anonymous stalker. As per the new trailer, it seems like hers and everybody else’s curiosity will be put to rest as a lot will be decoded in this third season.

See the ‘Hello Mini 3’ trailer here:

Arjun Srivastava has helmed the new season that will contain a total of 10 episodes. A lot of truths will unfold in Hello Mini 3 and fans can hardly wait after the trailer got dropped.  The new episodes will be streaming on MX player for free from 23 April 2021.