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Post successful series with Woofer, Vamos, Lado Rani and Nakhra Nawabi, Dr Zeus is back with Tha Tha

After bringing together four artists from different walks of the world for their first ever chartbuster single Woofer, BeingU Music is surely bringing in cool new music. After back to back hits by Dr. Zeus with Woofer, Nakhra Nawabi, Vamos, Lado Rani, BeingU Music is back with another fantastic fun track Tha Tha featuring Dr. Zeus, Zora Randhawa, popular Canadian rapper Fateh ​Doe and Preet Singh ​Tha Tha ​is a peppy Punjabi number that portrays a group of boys flirting with a beautiful woman and trying to woo her.

​The song is a perfect blend for a party number with Dr Zeus’s composition, Fateh’s rap skills, Zora’s vocals and Preet’s charm. ​The music is shot in New York and gives the city a desi makeover with Punjabi Mundas performing Bhangra on streets. The song is an energetic and fun number, sure to be on every party playlist. It will be exciting to see this trio of Dr. Zeus, Fateh Doe and Zora collaborating again after delivering massive hits like INCH and Nakhra Nawabi. On collaborating with BeingU Music once again, Dr. Zeus stated, After the kind of response, we received for Woofer and Nakhra Nawabi, we hope that we have​ the same kind of love comes pouring in for Tha Tha. This is the 4th song for our album Global Injection and it was fun shooting for this song with everyone in New York as we had a blast and we hope the audience too enjoys this song as much as they enjoyed Woofer, Nakhra and Lado Rani.

After their successful back to back stints, BeingU Music Founder -Akshit Kumar said, It has been a successful quarter for us at Being U and we see our vision of providing Indian musicians with a global platform moving ahead and with Sony Music helping us to enhance the scale of our music, we are excited for Tha Tha which is another great association with Dr. Zeus and Zora.

After 100 Million+ views for Woofer, hit song Lado Rani and the chartbuster Nakhra Nawabi, Tha Tha is the next for Dr Zeus’ album Global Injection and after this success chain Tha Tha is sure to rule the charts and be a favourite amongst the crowd.


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