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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Fans not ready to watch the show without Karan Patel!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Fans, Karan Patel

New Delhi: Popular television show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is now under the spotlight as it has been revealed by the close sources that the lead actor Karan Patel will not be a part of the show.

As per the updates, it is has been disclosed that soon audience are going to see a new lead in the television show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein with Divyanka Tripathi.

If sources are to be believed then it has been informed that popular television actor Mrunal Jain, Aadesh Chowdhary and Eijaz Khan has been approached by the team to play lead role.

In relation to this our team launched an audience poll for Karan Patel and Television show fans – Will you watch Television Show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein next to Karan Patel exit?
Options in the poll: Yes or No

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Result: The voting of the poll seems on a single direction and 84% people said that they will not watch the show next to Karan Patel’s exit and 16% were ok with the exit of the actor.

This is a point to think for the production house as lots of fans are not ready to see anyone else in place of Karan Patel and this may affect the TRP of the show.

Well, let’s wait for the official updates and see who will play the lead role.

We have collected few pictures of television actor Karan Patel from the Television show for Fans



  1. RBT

    14/04/2015 at 12:43 PM

    An appeal to the makers of YHM

    I started watching YHM midway last year and got hooked because of the excellent chemistry between Raman & Ishita. The subsequent buildup of their silent love for each other deepened my interest in this show. However, very surprisingly & frustratingly, the writers have gone way off track and seem to have developed a Shagun/Ashok phobia. Since Sep/Oct last year, the storyline started deviating from Raman & Ishita’s relationship and concentrated more on very stupid topics. More than required importance and air time has been devoted to Shagun & Ashok. These two characters contribute absolutely nothing to the popularity of the show and therefore it is all the more surprising to see why the writers are giving them so much importance.

    The show has gone downhill and it is quite evident that it is losing viewers. The descending TRP ratings are an indicator of this. I too am fed up with the nonsense that is being shown these days. However, a hope that the writers will realize their mistake and bring the story back on track has kept me watching this show till now. But the final nail in the coffin will be if they show Ishita getting married to her ex-lover who is a MCP with medieval thinking. I will definitely stop watching the show thereafter.

    My suggestions to the makers are the following to make this show as interesting as before;

    1) Concentrate on Raman & Ishita’s relationship. Make this the pivot and revolve all else around it. At present, you have made Shagun/Ashok and their lust for revenge the central theme and all other stories revolve around this.

    2) Don’t degrade Raman’s character. Why show him making mistakes after mistakes again and again? You have turned him into a weak, indecisive helpless man from a strong CEO who was in command of his life and taking care of his family. You need to show him equally strong as Ishita. The two should have not only love for each other, but also respect & trust so that outsiders like Sujata can’t just walk in and win one over by showing some kindness. At present it appears that Ishita has neither trust nor any respect for Raman.

    3) Yes, while strengthening Raman’s character please do make him into a more mature person. His tendency to over react and shout does not befit a mature sensible person. In my opinion, his character should now be made into a silent type who normally speaks less, performs more and does not get provoked at all. I identify with Raman’s character and probably this is why I’m hurt to see the degradation of this character. If the makers change this character as I have suggested, trust me, it will be appreciated by majority of male viewers like me. We are sick of seeing male characters reduced to weak caricatures in all Hindi serials.

    4) Get rid of usual vamps & villains who are constantly scheming against the main characters. By doing so, you are bracketing your show with any other. Where is the difference between other serials and you?

    5) Before showing anything, please do a little research about the topic and make it look realistic. One example is Ruhi’s custody exchange. Every layman knows that a court order is required to amend or over turn any previously issued court order. There are many more such examples.

    6) Continue the likable innocent nok-jhok between Raman & Ishita. Viewers enjoy this the most.

    It is being said that since Karan Patel is going to be away for a fortnight, the introduction of this new character is being done. Is it necessary to twist this absence into a love triangle? Husband’s go on business trips for longer than 15 days. Do wives in their absence develop relationships with past lovers?

    There is absolutely no need to change the storyline as being told. Instead the writers should utilize Karan’s absence to find permanent solutions to loose ends like Simmi & Mihika. This will balance the show and once Karan is back, the story can start concentrating on IsRa relationship again.

  2. Ameet

    14/04/2015 at 4:02 PM

    Say, Karan exits the show…..then what happens to other characters around him. What happens to Adi’s custody, who gets Ruhi??
    Also showing Raman and Ishita are in love (though not confessed to each other verbally)…what happens to that. will it vanish in moments with the introduction of Subbu.
    Karan can temporarily be taken off the serial due to his marriage in May and also due other shows which he has signed. But hey, don’t take him off YHM…..he is one who drives Ishita’s character in show. There cute Nok-Jhok is great.
    else please take Karan off from Nach Baliye 7….he is much better doing YHM as Raman.
    Ekta please apply your mind (which I believe ur serials) don’t have. YHM is on the verge of going for a TOSS!!!!

  3. kashish gandhi

    01/05/2015 at 5:12 PM

    Remove karan from nach baliye 7

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