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Whats up in Karan singh Grover and Jennifer Winget Camp?

Karan singh Grover, Jennifer Winget

Mumbai: Karan Singh Grover’s LOVE life has taken many turns starting from Shraddha to Nicole to Jennifer and recently few stories hit the table that the actor is again moving towards Divorce with his present wife but no sources confirmed the news.

Let’s take a look at some past history of his. Karan and Shraddha’s marriage had soured and fingers were pointed to more than ‘woh’ in the sordid tale. It was reported then that there were not just two but three people who were responsible for this mess.

Choreographer Nicole was the first to be blamed. Was she ever the cause of the break up between Sharada and Karan? Was they another party? It was later confirmed from other quarters that Karan was not just seeing Nicole but evenJennifer Winget whereby 3 timing Shraddha. Apparently, even while Karan and Shraddha were in a steady relationship he was having an affair with Jennifer.

He even promised marriage to her and Winget was sure of him fulfilling his promise. Why was she so sure that he would fulfill his promise when she knew he was married? Was there a collaboration between her and Nicole to break up his marriage? The relationship with JW was what drew Sharaddha and Karan apart forever. Karan apparently seems busy with his new job as a producer with 4 Lions and has not been seen much publicly.

The rumors of his marriage being on the rocks have made headlines a couple of times in the recent weeks. How much truth is there in this? Well an Old saying that goes what goes round comes around and could that be the case now? Is there another WOH in place of Jennifer who once upon a time was termed exactly that “WOH” or is it just a crack in their relationship due to other factors like trust and understanding? JW has denied the rumors but a marriage is an institution of 2 people and it does not make sense that only she gives clarification while KSG is totally silent on the matter.

Many questions are unanswered as of now as none are available for an interview though our team has tried numerous times to approach them. Hopefully soon we will get the answers to all our questions and till then keep reading all our updates. We will be back soon with more….

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1 Comment

  1. jassy

    09/05/2015 at 3:09 PM

    please don’t break up jennifer wignet and karan singh are a beautiful couple.

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