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Vivek Attempts Acrobats Never Seen on Indian Television

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Performing with a troupe such as V Company would give anyone goosebumps! The troupe that won Dance Plus and gave viewers a never seen before visual treat in Remo Dsouza’s ABCD, joined forces with Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi this week on Nach Baliye. Our source informs us, “Vivek and Divyanka were quite overwhelmed and somewhat nervous after watching the stunts, flips and acrobatics of V Company on the first day of rehearsals.

However, the duo took the challenge head on and in fact Vivek even attempted some of the acrobats in this week’s episode, which was much appreciated by the judges. Judge Terrance Lewis was pleasantly surprised as he said that launching a light weight child in air is one thing but for Vivek with his height body and build to be able to do these stunts at an equal level is impressive.” We hear that Vivek even took the risk of doing these stunts without a crash mat, which is quite daring considering all the injuries the contestants have been getting on the show.

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