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Tusshar Kapoor opens up about fatherhood on ‘The Tara Sharma Show’!

Tusshar Kapoor, The Tara Sharma Show

Tusshar Kapoor, who recently announced the arrival of his son Laksshya, was recently invited by actress-entrepreneur Tara Sharma onto her talk show, ‘The Tara Sharma Show’.

After three successful seasons of her show, ‘The Tara Sharma Show’ on television and her You Tube Channel, actress-entrepreneur and mother of two, Tara Sharma is back with the fourth season of her show, which started in June on Star World.

The show’s creator and co-producer was pleased to invite Tusshar on her show and he spoke extensively on his journey to becoming a father. Accompanying Tusshar was Dr Firuza Parikh who helped facilitate the actor’s dream of becoming a dad.

While sharing his thoughts and taking the decision, Tusshar revealed, “By the time I reached my early mid-30’s, marriage hadn’t happened and I didn’t have a clue when it would happen so I had this idea in my mind that the clock is ticking so I need to have a child at least if I want to be a father.”

“You want to grow with your child and you want to be energetic for your child. So these thoughts would come to my mind and I didn’t have a clue how I would go about it without getting married,” adds Tusshar.

The actor met Mr Prakash Jha at Tirupati who informed him about a possible process to be a single dad. “Prakash ji told me that you can do surrogacy and he knows someone who has met doctor and done the Assisted Reproduction procedure who is a single mom now. But I took my time, thought about it and then I met Dr Firuza. I owe her my fatherhood.”

Says Tara, “It was great having Tusshar and Dr Firuza on my show, which is a platform to discuss topical family, parenting, women’s and children’s issues with a view to helping bring about positive change, and Tusshar’s story of following his dream to become a father, although unmarried, I think is inspirational to anyone out there who may be keen to do the same. Dr Firuza is a legend in the assisted reproduction space and she has helped make so many who have had fertility issues or been single, realise their dreams of parenthood.”

“It is brave for Tusshar to have done this and been so vocal and open about the process so as to help anyone out there who may need it. I wish him and little Laksshya and Dr Firuza all the very best,” she adds.

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