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Three musketeers on the set of youth show Swim Team!

Swim Team

Mumbai: Who says actors don’t get pally between them. Take an example of youth show Swim Team in which actor Amit Gaur, Pooja Banerjee and Ishaan Singh Manhas shares a wonderful warm rapport between them.

Talking about their off screen camaraderie Amit says.,”Pooja is very sweet and cooperative as an actor and Ishaan is a good friend. We both talk about food a lot as we are foodie and also we travel a because our one set is at Lonavla. And when you spend so much time together the bonding has to happen. And also I am known for my pranks on the set and I do pull Ishan’s leg a lot. My favorite pass time on the set.”

So can co stars from the same show become good friends? “Yes ofcourse why not. There is no reason why they can’t. It’s all about understanding, same way blending and gelling well.”

On the other hand Ishaan shares his views on Pooja and Amit as he adds, “Both of them are great costars. We have good compatibility and chemistry and my scenes with both of them are always come out natural. Amit is always cracking jokes and a chilled out person while Pooja always has a  sweet smile on her face. The three of us get along well with every single person or costar on our sets. Not everyone in this industry is capable of managing that.”

Talking about Amit’s prank on set Ishaan adds, “The biggest prankstar award goes to Amit Gaur. He is always upto something. He has this habit of clicking pictures of everyone when they are sleeping while travelling to Lonavala set and after that he will posts them in Social Network.”

Ishaan also feels costars from same show can be buddies because not everyone has the feeling of rivalry and competition.

The pretty Pooja who plays Rewa in the show also reciprocate the same ideology when it comes to her costars Amit and Ishaan.

She adds,”You just can’t stop laughing when you are with them. At times its a drawback because during the shooting you can’t stop laughing, but at the same time we all know laughter is the best medicine.”

What Pooja cherish about her costars is they all are very chilled out. As she adds,”We are very chilled out. We never take anything seriously be it the pranks. Infact the best part is that we do bitching  also in front of each other and we never hide things from each other.”

Talking about pranks and Amit and Ishaan, Pooja says,”Actually I cannot get into this prank thing much because I shoot most of the time. Amit is the biggest prankster. Ishaan is very simple. And also I do get a lot of pamper from both of the boys. I am not shooting from last two weeks because of my health issue but  they keep asking me about my health. On the sets, since I shoot more than them Ishaan keeps the food ready for me in the plate and Amit at times get food for me from home. Both of them are very caring, and when you shoot with them for long hours this things matters.”

Pooja also feels actors can be good buddies as they three shares a very good relationship and spread positive vibes on the set. Three some awesome company we must say.

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