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Television Reporters reports their feelings on Father’s day

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Mumbai: It is very easy to read articles and know gossips of your favorite shows, actors and actress. This is only possible because of the hardworking and efforts made by reporters. They try to find out the confirmation of any news or gossips of television and serve us on papers or websites. Reporting is much more harder than shooting as these groups of people need to keep their eyes on whole television industry whereas actors either shoot for one or four shows.

On the occasion of father’s day we tried to buzz few reporters and explore their feelings towards their father and tried to make the day more special for them too.

KAVITA AWAASTHI from Hindustan Times : “On Father’s day I wish my dad was here. He used to love watching travel and food shows and I could have taken him to see the world. I learnt compassion and generosity from him as well as looking at the larger picture.”

NEHA MAHESHWRI BHAGAT from Bombay times : ” My dad is my first teacher, the man I always wanted to be like. His unwavering enthusiasm and practical approach to life have always had me in awe of him. He has never forced his ideas/dreams on us. He always lets us be and has always encouraged us to follow our dreams. Never for once did I feel alone when treading on the most risky path, because I knew he had my back. He has not just been a provider, but a nurturer for me. I am closer to him than my mother. One habit I have imbibed from him or have at least tried to inculcate is to never lie, no matter how adverse the situation is. He calls a spade a spade. I can’t ever thank him enough for helping me become whatever I am today — a woman who defines strength and affection. The very fact that he is proud of me, makes me believe that I am doing fine in life. Why just one day? Every day for me is Father’s Day.”

RUCCHITA MISHRA from Absolute India : ” Since child I was very scared of my father, he has always been strict and So is he even today. But now I understand why he was so as he always wanted me to become something as I am glad I have a very helping and career oriented father who guides and helps me and I am blessed to be his daughter. As its Father’s Day I will get him his favourite chocolate cake and spend time with him.”

SANA FARZEEN from Tellychakkar :
” I am not really someone who believes in having particular days to thank and love your parents. But would take this opportunity to thank my dad for making me fulfill my dreams by his constant support. Every daughter is definitely her daddy’s princess and I am proud to be one too. Happy Father’s Day Papa!!!!”

SHACHI TAPIAWALA RATHOD from India forums: “For every girl, her father is her hero! My father is my life-line. As he always says, he breathes me! Even if I skip a heart-beat he would know. He is my philosopher – friend, my guide and mentor. I can say, my father is my best friend! From strength to laughter, unending support to unconditional love, I think my dad is unmatchable in every way. Happy fathers day!”

SRABANTI CHAKRABARTI from Indian Pvt. Ltd. : ” My father Sachindra Nath Chakrabarti who is a retired banker and always worked in senior position in one of the biggest national bank so I have always seen him working with big and thick files. He is someone who have always known for his genuineness and workaholic nature. And at home he is calm like an ice and one of the most coolest person I have seen in my life. Till date he never scolded me and I never heard him shouting. What I have learnt from.him is simplicity and down to earth attitude. Whenever I went back to my childhood what I remember is my father’s smiling face and he is still the same. I wish him a long life and I love him a lot he is my idol.”

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