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Sucheta Trivedi Proves Time is really important!!

Sucheta Trivedi

Mumbai: Sucheta Trivedi currently seen as Kaushalya Shirvastav in Star Plus Mere Angne Mein is putting in a lot of effort to make her character come to life. Sucheta, who stays rather far from where the set of the show is , has found an unusual way of travelling. While some actors feel it easier to move closer to the set, Sucheta has decided to give local travel a go-ahead by using waterways as means of transport!

Yes, Sucheta has been seen taking the ferry to the location, which is Madh Island, in order to save time and avoid traffic. It seems, Sucheta has been having a gala time doing the ferry rounds – she plugs in some music, gazes at the scenery and takes this as time for herself! Sucheta said, “I believe it’s just better to travel by water. I avoid all the traffic and even reach on time to the sets. Plus, the whole journey is really peaceful.”

Sucheta you proved us that time is really important!!!

Sucheta is currently portraying the role of Kaushalya Shrivastav – the daughter in law who is in constant struggle to manage everything. She is looked upon as the life line of Shanti Sadan and one of her best qualities is that is always smiling and playful. In the show, she will play an important part in the way she keeps the family together especially when certain ideologies get challenged.

The show airs Monday to Saturday at 5.30 pm.

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