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SHOCKING: Bigg Boss 9 House could lead to excessive romance and aggression!

Bigg Boss 9, House

Mumbai: India’s biggest reality television show Bigg Boss has entered its grand ninth season with 14 contestants. But one look at the majestic Bigg Boss 9 House, and you will be totally taken aback with one aspect — the super-bright and varied colors.
Bigg Boss 9, House
So is the Colors channel taking its name too seriously for the decor of its flagship show? :p Jokes apart, the colours of the new House are not only bright, but extremely jarring and hurtful to the eyes (except the pleasant green colour scheme used in the lawn and pool side).
Bigg Boss 9, House
There are bright shades of scarlet red, cobalt blue, vermilion, lemon yellow, pink, purple, dark green, fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow, magenta and many others throughout the walls, furniture, kitchen, bedrooms, washroom area and hall.
Bigg Boss 9, House
Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar says the colour scheme seems “deliberate”. “The interior designers are probably attempting to play with the psychology of the Housemates,” he adds. Dale knows well. The publicist is considered to be a specialist with Bigg Boss, having handled the media publicity and crisis management for maximum Bigg Boss contestants.
Bigg Boss 9, House
“The spectacularly sparkling shades look great at first sight. But as days pass by, they can cause a lot of anger and irritation, as these strong colours concentrated in the limited House area, will hurt their eyes and fluctuate their moods,” explains Dale.

“This can result in temporary emotional upheavals and make their moods fluctuate in extremes. It could also lead to aggression, cravings for fun and romance, and generate great drama. The drama could result in more eyeballs; and increased eyeballs in higher show ratings,” analyses the public relations expert.

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