Shiv Aur Shakti Ka Hua Aaamna Saamna in television show “Baal Shiv”

I am a big devotee of Mahadev, and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting for this track, especially the tandav sequence, said Aan Tiwari essaying Baal Shiv’s character.

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&TV’s Baal Shiv will show another intriguing high point in which viewers will see between Maa Kali (Shivya Pathania) and Baal Shiv (Aan Tiwari). Devi Parvati makes a final attempt to get Mahadev. She sears herself inside the Sun and takes an oath to not stop unless Baalshiv turns back to Mahadev. Laxmi, Sarasvati, and Devta request Anusuya to save the earth from destruction. Finally, Anusuya reveals to Baalshiv that he is Mahadev. However, Baalshiv says “I’ll be your son forever”, which makes Parvati angrier and she takes the form of Kali and goes on a rampage. What will Baal Shiv do to stop Kali?

Talking about the track, Shivya Pathania essaying Maa Kali’s character, shares, “In the show, Devi Parvati is very disturbed because Baal Shiv has told Mahasati Anusuya that he will remain as her son, and she feels that she will probably never get her Mahadev back. And in that rage, she starts performing tandav in her Kaali roop. It is one of the most powerful tracks to date when Maa Kali faces Mahadev. The audience will thoroughly enjoy watching it as it again brings out the best in me, especially the tandav sequence. Since childhood, I heard many folklore stories about Maa Kali, and her fury gave me goosebumps, but now watching me perform as Maa Kali and doing tandav is unbelievable. I have always enjoyed dancing and feel lucky to have done it onscreen. It was tough learning to do the scene the whole day in such heavy costume and makeup, but it was all worth it.”

Talking about the track, Aan Tiwari essaying Baal Shiv’s character, shares, “I am a big devotee of Mahadev, and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting for this track, especially the tandav sequence. While performing the scenes, especially Tandav, I was completely immersed in the persona. Everyone on the set praised me; it took me days of practice, and my mother was a huge help. I’m hoping that the audience will also like it”.