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Rishina Kandhari loves to give surprises!

Rishina Kandhari, surprises

Mumbai: The hot Rishina Kandhari can never be seen holding a birthday party as she is always out of town for adventurious trips on the special day. However, her birthday is celebrated with her brother-in-law, Tarun Kandhari.

“This year we decided to give him a surprise,”says Rishina.

“My husband Vishal and I went to Tarun bhaiya’s place and hide in one of the bedrooms. When he came home, we called him on his phone to wished happy birthday. Our bhabhi and nephew did not even gave him any hints of us being inside. The moment the clock struck 12 we jumped out of the room singing the birthday song with bouquet of flowers. He was super surprised and happy to see us. More than Vishal’s, he is my brother and he loves me more than him, he’s like a father to me and I respect him as much as I respect my own father,” shares Rishina.

“The cake was ordered keeping in mind that he loves beer. I thank God and my good stars to give me such a family who loves me so much. Tarun bhaiya’s birthday was on 20th June and mine was on 21st of June. We both share the same star sign and get along really well”, concludes Rishina happily.

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