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Raman Handa is indisposed!

Raman Handa

Mumbai: Astrologer turned actor Raman Handa is indisposed! He is a latest victim of food poisoning that comes to our ears.

Raman is presently in a Delhi hospital, admitted for severe stomach pain.
We hear that Raman consumed a chicken dish amidst the heavy rains that lashed the city. The doctors indicated that the chicken might have been infected. Raman complained of severe pain in his abdomen, which lasted for more than a day. Immediately, he was rushed to the hospital, and has been under medical scrutiny for a day now.

When contacted, Raman who told us, “Yes, I had chicken in Delhi, and that possibly caused the infection. The doctor says I have had a severe case of food poisoning. I am under medication, but the sad thing is that the stomach pain has not lessened at all. I continue to get cramps in the abdomen. I think I need to stay in the hospital till I recover well.”

Raman is being taken care of by his fiance Divya, who happens to be actress Shraddha Arya’s sister. Raman and Divya got engaged in May this year.

Raman, wish you a speedy recover!

By: Siya Agarwal

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