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Raman Handa fell sick again because of his SON!

Raman Handa, sick, SON

Mumbai: Actor Raman Handa who recently did court marriage with Shraddha Arya’s sister Divya Arya has felt sick once again. Just after recovering from Stomach Infection in the gap of two days he has got this infection. The astrologer turned actor has got sever body ache, high fever and head ache. He was admitted in Ambani Hospital for four days and now feeling better. Doctors have diagnosed a disease ‘Lapto scare’ which occurs from the Dog’s Urine.

Raman happens to have a dog named SON whom he adores a lot. He shares, “I love my dog SON and can’t think my life without him. He was 15 days old when I got him home. I have taken care of him like my own child and he filled the void in my life. I use to live alone and he removed the loneliness in my life that’s why I named him Son and I truly feel like a Dad to him.”

Whenever Raman is not home for long the dog stops eating and stats making different noises. SON also sleeps with his master on his bed.

Not only this, he makes sure only Raman and he shares the bed. One such event occurred when Raman got engaged recently. Once his fiancee Divya came home and she was feeling tired so she wanted to take rest. The moment she went in the room and lie down in his bed, Son came in the room and jump on the bed and literally pulled Divya’s hair and made sure that she leaves the bed. He slept then and there on the bed. “So now except me nobody can sleep on my bed,” laughs Raman

“We burst out laughing at this incident and even it’s very cute and lovable for me that my Son knows that he is the only one who can sleep in my bed.” Raman has participated in Rakhi Ka Swayamber and had recently done a cameo in Hello Pratibha.

We wish Raman a speedy recovery.

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