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‘Radha Krishna….Ek Aalokik Prem Gaatha’ Zee tv’s next series

‘Radha Krishna, Ek Aalokik Prem Gaatha, Zee tv

Mumbai: Zee TV announces the magnum opus series titled ‘Radha Krishna….Ek Aalokik Prem Gaatha’.

The story of Krishna, the cowherd, romancing Radha, the Gopi, is the stuff of legends, history and beyond time. The show is under production and will depict the amazing mythical love story of Radha and Krishna.

As a first on Indian television, it will showcase their love story from Radha’s perspective.

Confirming the news, Zee TV – Business Head- Pradeep Hejmadi says media, “Zee TV has constantly set benchmarks with its unique and differentiated storytelling encompassing traditional and contemporary concepts. ‘Radha Krishna….Ek Aalokik Prem Gaatha’ is a divine love story that has engrossed poets, painters and musicians alike. The Radha Krishna love story is eternal. The USP of the series is that they were the only pious lovers in history who never got married but are worshipped in temples across the globe. Millions of people across the world are mesmerized by their love story and we are working on making it the most beautiful representation of their love for television audiences. To showcase this benevolent romance from Radha’s viewpoint will surely make for engaging and refreshing television viewing.”

Keep reading to know more about ‘Radha Krishna….Ek Aalokik Prem Gaatha’ coming soon on Zee TV.

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