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Priyal Gor back on TV as a contemporary naagin

Priyal Gor, TV, naagin

Priyal Gor will be back on the small screen playing a naagin in SAB TV“s upcoming show Iccha Pyaari Naagin. Unlike the typical naagins that you see on TV shows, Priyal will be seen enacting the role of a glamourous woman turning into a snake. She will come down on earth to change the perception of “Icchadhari naags and naagins“. Iccha (Priyal Gor) will leave naagistan and come to earth on a mission. She will try to change the perception humans have created about snakes.

Iccha“s character will be seen sporting a golden lehenga, choli and a skirt. The costume will be accompanied with heavy accessories in the form of bangles in the shape of snakes on her hands. The actress will sport a choker, which will be in the shape of a snake along with a maang tikka in the shape of a cobra sitting on her head.

Priyal said, “Iccha is a “pyaari naagin“ and unlike the typical naagins that you see on TV shows.My look on the show is simple and sweet. I am wearing a different attire, because it has to look convincing.I will be seen in a lightcoloured lehenga and matching accessories to go with it. I hope that the audiences will love my new look on the show.“

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