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Poonam marries Lakhan in &TV’s show Begusarai

Poonam, Lakhan, &TV’, Begusarai

The triangle love story of Lakhan (Vishal Aditya Singh), Poonam (Shivangi Joshi) and Priyom (Sarrtaj Gill) in &TV’s Begusarai (Swastik productions) will now take an interesting turn.

As per the ongoing track, Lakhan has kidnapped Mithilesh’s kids and warned Poonam to marry him in exchange of kids’ freedom. Poonam is left in dilemma, as one side is her love for Priyom which is stopping her to marry Lakhan and the other side the kids who are suffering because of her.

Now in the upcoming episodes, the story will see a new twist when Poonam, who dislikes Lakhan, will decide to marry him.

“Poonam would finally marry Lakhan to save the kids. Priyom will be heartbroken that the love of his life, Poonam is getting married to Lakhan.” Shares a source.

What will happen next? Will Priyom forgive Poonam and move ahead in life or will this create a conflict between the two brothers?

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