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Mumbai: Celebrities strongly agree that son can be a son till the wife but daughters are daughters whole her life. Popular Actress makes Father’s day more special!

DIVYANKA TRIPATHI : ” I am totally my daddy’s daughter and this day is really special for me because generally I don’t get an opportunity to tell my dad that how much I love him! How much he means to me and how much I love him. I know he cares so much for me and how much he is always worried whether I am all right or not in the city. He doesn’t show it much but thankfully he has given me that freedom in spite of all his care that he has for me. So I am thankful to him for the freedom that he has given me. The kind of values that he has imbibe in me. Whatever I am it is because of his value and his culturing and his freedom. So, I am thankful to him for everything that I am today.”

ADAA KHAN : “But take some time to thank the person who lost everything to make you win and that’s Dad
Everyone remembers the person who took up every pain for you and that’s the mom
The best piece of advice he gave me was in a relationship you can either be happy or you can either be right and soon you will realise being right is not as important.”

VAHBIZ DORABJEE : “My Dad is my pillar of strength, my backbone and he’s like a friend to me. Since he live in Pune and I live in Mumbai. He misses me a lot and whenever he meets me, he continuously wants me infront of his eyes. He is a self made, simple and honest man. He inspires me a lot.
Wishing him a very happy fathers day.”

GARIMA JAIN : ” I hav been brought up by single parent (mom) I feel so lucky that she is my father and mother both so me and my brother got that extra pampering and we are happy
But I am sure I will get the fatherly figure in my life after I get married and I will call him dad (smiles).”

AMRAPALI GUPTA : ” My father is kind of protective. Me and my siblings all can feel his love, care and emotions towards us. But don’t know why I feel I was the one to get more importance among my siblings as I am completely his immature kid. Yes we father and daughter shouts on each other, we play and we respects each other words. All I can say is I am my papa’s daughter. Life without him I could never think. Whatever I am today I am for him. He cared for me. I tears off with smile when I think of small me and he use to take me to dance classes, schools, tuition and all. I would love to say that papa whatever I am its all for you. You have given me this wonderful life. Happy fathers day. I love you soo very much.”

POOJA SHARMA : ” Fathers day is my day because my father became a father the day l was born… And they say anybody can be a father but it takes somebody special to become a Dad… Happy Fathers day to my Dad and I am sure he is happy and watching me from wherever he is.”

RUCHIKA RAJPUT : “DAD, When i was born, You were there to catch me when i fall, whenever and wherever. When i said my first words, You were there for me,
to teach me the whole dictionary if need be. When i took my first steps, You were there to encourage me on. When i had my first day at school, you were there to give me advice and help me with my homework. I still havent finished school, or walked down the aisle, or had my first child. But i know you will be there for me through all these times and more, the good and bad. So i just wrote this to say I LOVE YOU DAD!!!”

CHANDNI BHAGWANANI : “He is the coolest dad ever. All my friends are in love with him. Usually, dads don’t know the secrets of his daughters, but mine does! He checks everything. My dad’s wish is to go on world tour alone.”

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