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“One should always learn new things in life”, says hot and charming LOVEY SASAN


Mumbai: Sweet and adorable Lovey Sasan has worked hard to grap place in viewers heart. Actress has accepted the hard challenge as she got less time to replace the beautiful Rucha Hasabnis. But in small period of time she has magnetize many people to follow her. The beauty is always getting attention in the show for her killing sexy smile.

We asked the actress to distinguish between herself (Lovey) and Paridhi (onscreen)?

The actress reply, “one thing is very common in Lovey and Pari that they both are positive and fun loving person. But sometimes Paridhi behaves immature but Lovly is mature. They both are strong and practical. In real life also I am very strong person and I always try to think positive. ”

We also wanted to know her relationship with Jigar Modi onscreen and Vishal Singh off-screen?

The beauty tells, “Jigar modi is my husband onscreen. We are family. Vishal Singh is very brilliant actor and very positive person as well. We share a good bond and are good friends off screen.”
We want to tell u dear, in such a less time we have seen audience are loving your onscreen chemistry.

We also asked the actress to share about herself how she spends her time normally?
She replies, ” whenever I get free and my scenes are not there, I love to read books, listen music or speak to my close ones, rather than indulge in mindless gossiping and botching. I Love to learn new things and personally I think nothing is impossible because the word itself says I’m possible. One should always learn new things in life.”

We thanks the hot sizzling gorgeous Lovey to share her valuable time with us.

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