Nirbhaya verdict: Tv actresses finds India more secured now!

Supreme court has awarded death sentence to four in Nirbhaya’s case today. Television Actresses feels verdict took time but gave…


Supreme court has awarded death sentence to four in Nirbhaya’s case today. Television Actresses feels verdict took time but gave justice finally. They hope this verdict will reduce the acts of objectifying women and women under such attack crimes. They are happy about India being more secured for females now.

TEJASSWI PRAKASH: I am happy that finally the girl is getting justice. With that every girls might feel more secured now in the country. It did take a long time but that was legal hearing and has its own durations. I feel this will reduce such cases and get our country secured for girls.

NITI TAYLOR: Nirbhaya Case verdict was seriously late but I am happy that finally justice has been given. Law and order has its own course and I respect it. I am happy that this decision of supreme court will reduce rape cases in coming time and fear among guys will lead to female security in the country.

AMRAPALI GUPTA: Court has given justice! I am feeling happy about it and it will for sure bring female security in India. Yes it took time but legal hearing takes its time to get the final decision and give justice.

DEVOLEENA BHATTACHARJEE: I agree the verdict is little late but court takes it course of time but finally the decision is satisfactory. And finally the justice has been given. I hope this brings more security for females in the country.

YUVIKA CHAUDHARY: I am happy that finally the decision has been out in favour and culprits are being punished. And decision making has its own time so our law and order. I trust now India will have more security for female citizens.

MAHIKA SHARMA: The justice has been finally given. I am happy about it. Legal hearing to such cases should be declared as soon as possible. But no worry late but in favour. Hope the case brings end to rape and molestation and make India secured for female livings.

ROOP DURGAPAL: Its very late for sure but the saving grace is the demons got what they deserved. Whether or not crimes against women will reduce after this, we will have to wait and watch but for such gruesome acts, even a punishment of death is less. Infact that so called juvenile should also be hanged till death. Why do we need such perverts alive, roaming all around us afterall? They certainly deserve death!