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Natasha Singh says, ‘Work out for me is as important as brushing my teeth or taking a bath’

Natasha Singh

Mumbai: Paying strict attention to health is one of the most important routines for an actor.

Today, we speak to the fitness fanatic Natasha Singh (Saath Phere fame) on how she keeps a regular check on her routine and lifestyle!

Natasha said, “Working out for me is as important as brushing my teeth or taking a bath. Health equals a healthy mind and body.”

Talking about her fitness regime, the actor stated, “While working out, I make sure I warm up and let the body cool down by stretching my body before and after a workout. I love a famous quote which goes like – Do not try to look like the girl in the magazine for she does not look like that in real! People are desperate to lose weight and want to look like super models, but I suggest people to take it easy on themselves.”

An important factor which contributes in maintaining good health is staying happy. Well, we guess music works for Natasha in this case!

She quipped, “Even at the expense of being judged I have to admit that Bollywood music is the best. In fact, if i get to know there is a Bollywood spinning at a Zumba class I’d be the first one to enroll!”

Interesting we wish Natasha healthy life!

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