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Mrunal Jain gives make over to Tina Datta!

Mrunal Jain, Tina Datta

Mumbai: Mrunal Jain, known for his role in Uttaran, recently astonished fans by launching his own photography page on Facebook so that the fans can have a glimpse of his art.

The actor takes his passion very seriously by taking it to another level. “I have captured my whole Uttaran family including the producers and writers. It was a different experience clicking Tina Datta in a the new avatar. It was a very casual avatar.” says Mrunal. “The actor denies learning photography from anywhere or anyone, making him a self-inspired photographer.”I haven’t learned photography actually it’s my passion and I love to do it. While clicking I kept on learning new things,that’s how I developed the art of photography into me. Photography is a creative art where you can capture human emotions and nature’s beauty. It gives me artistic freedom to be innovative.”

On being asked the definition of successful photographer, Mrunal replies,”A successful photographer is the one who is very passionate about his work and creative and innovative to do things out of the box.”

Though Mrunal is satisfied with his new passion, there’s no chance of him changing the career. He accepts that everything around him happens very unexpectedly, so again he is waiting for something unexpected to happen.

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