Motu Patlu wins big at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 20

Motu Patlu will compete with national winners from 10 other countries for the final round of the AACA to be held virtually from Singapore in Dec, 2020.

Motu Patlu

It has been nearly 8 years since its presence on screens globally, and Motu Patlu still maintains its position in the top slot among kids’ animated shows on tv and digital platforms. At the reputed annual Asian Academy Creative Awards held at Singapore, the immensely popular kids’ show by Cosmos-Maya has been declared the National Winner from India in the category Best Animated Programme or Series (2D or 3D).

As the end of 2020 approaches, award season has begun, and being recognized at the AACA signifies global recognition for the show and representation for the Indian kids’ animation sector at the international media stage. Motu Patlu recently celebrated its 1000-episode milestone, a record it’s managed to set in the short span of 8 years since the show’s launch in 2012, and the show has commanded a viewership of 7 billion globally by nearly 55 million subscribers on Cosmos-Maya’s YouTube multichannel network WowKidz.

One of the prime viewership drivers for kids’ channel Nickelodeon, Motu Patlu has consistently commanded the Top 4 slot in viewership, watch time and ratings as per BARC statistics, and it’s been declared the most popular animation show in the world by Google, 2 years in a row. Moreover, Motu and Patlu are the only animated characters from India to have their wax statues at the famous Madame Tussaud’s Museum. The success of the series has resulted in 21 telemovies, a full-length 3D stereoscopic feature film and a spin-off show with one of its characters, Inspector Chingum which currently streams on Amazon Prime.

Anish Mehta, CEO of Cosmos-Maya stated, “As we are closing in toward the end of 2020, this was extremely welcome news for our production and executive team. Motu Patlu is the crown jewel of Indian animation industry. It is our first kids’ IP that kickstarter our content production wing, which currently holds 60% market share in the Indian kids’ animation space, catering to 200 million kids in India, and millions abroad in more than 10 languages. We are absolutely elated to witness the manner in which our Motu and Patlu have slowly gained pop icon status in India, from comic book characters to one of the top-viewed cartoons by Indians globally. This recognition by AACA goes to show how the world is our oyster and how our industry is gearing up for a global culture-agnostic media market.”

Suhas Kadav, Chief Creative Officer at Cosmos-Maya and director of Motu Patlu stated,
“Watching our creations grow from familiar characters to one of the most viewed and loved shows is a journey few content creators get to undertake. Motu, Patlu, Dr. Jhatka, Ghasitaram and the townspeople of Furfuri nagar have been nurtured by our team like family and will always hold a special place in my heart. There’s no better feeling than seeing our beloved characters win such huge laurels at such prestigious events. I’m immensely obliged towards the panel at AACA for bestowing this honor upon Motu Patlu.”

Motu Patlu will compete with national winners from 10 other countries for the final round of the AACA to be held virtually from Singapore in Dec, 2020.