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Manasi Joshi Roy Becomes Mumbai’s Genie

Manasi Joshi Roy, Mumbai's Genie


Actress Manasi Joshi Roy, who is back on television after a decade, is not only an avid traveler but also a proclaimed foodie who loves to explore. Manasi reveals, “My friends call me Ms Google! They’ll call me for suggestions on where to eat ? where to go ? what to see ? what to do ? what to buy ?etc,etc. That’s because I love trying out new things … be it food, places, events, experiences or just about anything I’ve not tried before ! Except for bizarre foods like worms, ants & caterpillars. Sorry but no recommendations on that front coming from me 🙂 Hence I’ve decided to list out stuff that I’ve tried & found to be good, so it will all be verified by me & you can have my word on it.” Manasi also blogs regularly and will be posting her recommendations of This, That, & The Other on her social media and for Mumbaikars she will become Mumbai’s Genie!

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