Labour Day: TV Actresses talks about Labour Issues!

May Day also known as Labour Day or International Workers’ Day celebrated every year on 1st May. This day is…

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May Day also known as Labour Day or International Workers’ Day celebrated every year on 1st May. This day is a national holiday in more than 80 countries and also celebrated unofficially in many other countries. Celebrating the day popular television actresses louds their voice and highlights the points to be taken care by the government for the growth and prosperity of Indian Labours.

NITI TAYLOR: The major problem of labour market in India is that there is a growing number of UNSKILLED LABOURERS in the country. In the absence of adequate vocational institutes, skill formation among the labour force in the country is very slow. This huge number of unskilled labourers fined it difficult to become self employed and thus create a huge army of unemployed in the country.

HELLY SHAH: I feel Indian labours still faces AGE ISSUES. Like women, older people and children often perform important, non-economic labour roles which need to be properly evaluated before introducing changes which might affect them.

DEVOLEENA BHATTACHARJEE: I feel still our society suffers from GENDER INEQUALITY. The payments are also made looking at gender. Female are paid less then the man. Particular care is required in determining the extent and time requirements for women’s reproductive labour as well as their involvement in productive activities. Particularly where programmes have a specific gender focus or target women as a vulnerable group in need of support, sociologists, government need to be sure that women have the labour capacity to take on new activities and that such activities do not conflict with current demands.

TEJASSWI PRAKASH: After having many laws and regulations against CHILD LABOUR (prohibition and regulation) our nation still suffers. They work at very low rate so they are employed more. Prohibits children below age of 14 to work in hazardous jobs. There are demands for complete ban on child employment and high time to be step taken against it.

MAHIKA SHARMA: Labours are facing a serious problem of UNEMPLOYMENT. A huge number of work forces of our country remain partially or wholly unemployed throughout the year or some part of the season. This has led to the problems like disguised unemployment, seasonal unemployment, general unemployment and educated unemployment.

YUVIKA CHAUDHARY: Entry and exit Barriers for firms and JOB SECURITY for workers. As a rule for good economic environment, there should least entry and exit barriers for Firms in any business. But in addition, social security of the workers is indispensable. It should be notice by socialist and government that they are employed and earn good in all seasons.

TANYA SHARMA: WORK CULTURE among the Indian labour force is not at all good. Whatever work force is absorbed in various productive sectors it is not adhered to healthy work culture. This has been resulting in lesser economic surplus in the production system which restricts indirectly its absorption capacity in future.

GIA MANEK: INDIAN Labours are suffering from SURPLUS LABOUR FORCE. A huge number of labourers are rendered surplus due to lack of adequate demand arising out of both primary, secondary and tertiary sector. Due to high rate of growth of population, a huge number of labour forces is continuously being added with the existing labour force leading to a huge surplus in the labour market.