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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: A Chit Chat with Creative of the show

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Most popular itsy bitsy love tale of Indian Television “Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi” has carved folks attention very well as Devakshi aka Sona and Dev has become the household face by their the topsy turvy story.
But do we know there is huge amount of efforts by the people behind the camera. One of them is the Creative on the show who is responsible to maintain smooth functioning and the feel of the show. Niharika Singh, the Creative of the soap opera “ Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi”has also work with many popular shows like “Afsar Bitiya, “Devon Ke Dev Mahadev”, and Punar Vivah 2”.

The beautiful lady is from a very small city named Raebareli of Uttar Pradesh and don’t have any of her family member in television or film industry then too she achieved a lot. Her father Mr. Arun Kumar Singh who was an AGM in Indian Telephone Industries in Raebareli and mother Mrs. Nirupama Singh who is an avid social worker never forced their expectation on her though her grandmother Mrs Sunita Chauhan was Education Minister-Uttar Pradesh and she wanted her to join politics. Here, this creative gets candid with Principal Correspondent Nilofar Raqeem of BollywoodDhamaka.

Nilofar: Share your journey from Niharika to Creative director Niharika?

Niharika: From Niharika Singh, a student of Human Resource and Human Rights to heading HR department of a Washington based company to becoming a Creative Director and Consultant, my journey has been amazing. Though before entering television all I wasn’t as excited about the day as I am today and felt that my life had become stagnant at 26 so one fine day I quit my cabin and a well-paying job. Becoming Niharika Singh the Creative Director was not an instant decision nor was it easy but still the journey is quite satisfying and something I am so proud of.

Nilofar: How difficult you find the job of a creative director?

Niharika: It is difficult and the difficulty levels are different for different projects but when you love your work it is not about difficulty anymore because you make decisions that are based on your experience and a Creative’s job is first of all to be a decisive person and secondly to be able to constantly find solutions to situations. More than the difficulty level it is about the responsibility and accountability that is involved with this position. One of the difficult parts is to keep intact Producer’s trust and faith of the people you deal with since an entire show is based on your decisions and choices. On a not so lighter note it was very difficult to convince my family initially that this too is a career of repute since I left my well-paying and settled job back home and here I was changing projects quite frequently and the initial salaries were very average, they thought I am wasting my time and should go back to HR.

Nilofar: Did something inspire you to be into creative in Television industry or it’s just an coincident?

Niharika:I was always a TV buff though I have been an HR professional for 7 years before coming to Mumbai on a random 3 month trip in 2011 to do a course in Psychometric Assessment and luckily ended up in TV just 3 days prior to my return back home so, it wasnt planned at all. Though my parents were really worried about the hours I used to spend as a kid in front of the TV watching shows like Alpviram, Shakti, Saans, Swabhimaan, Rishtey etc. I was clueless about the designation of a Creative in television. All we knew back home was Actors, producers, directors, singers and music directors there was no information about any other department.

Nilofar: Which has been your best phase?

Niharika: The phase I am in right now is my best phase. Remembering the first day on set and then comparing it with now when I come on set, there is so much difference in my confidence level and respect given to you which you have to earn on the job by your capabilities and behaviour. I am in a comfortable phase right now, doing 3 projects and loving all of it. I literally get paid for things that were my hobbies.

Nilofar: What’s your future plan in this industry….Any new show?

Niharika: I always believe that God has better plans than you could ever imagine for yourself. One has to be sincere person especially towards one’s work and opportunities will be thrown at you. You just have to recognise and take them on. There are 3 projects I am working on other than this show on Sony and by early next year all of them will be on air hopefully.

Nilofar: What your goal in terms of creativity and what keeps you motivated?

Niharika: There are a lot of inspiring stories around us that need to be told. Stories of courage, valour, sacrifice, love, stories inspired from the strong women I have met in my life. Even if it is a finite series I will bring some heart wrenching true stories on screen, one of them being my own. My motivation comes from the fact that a lot of people are spending their lives living a life that they don’t want to. They wanted to be something else but because of various reasons are stuck in their lives, I have immense respect for them but if by God’s grace I have this opportunity to live the career I love why not make the most of it.

Nilofar: Tell us something about your personal life?

Niharika: I did not have an easy life. I have dealt with issues that could break someone forever but I believe that ‘Everyone is living a story of their own make sure yours is inspiring!!’You will see it on screen someday and it is going to be inspiring, for sure.

Nilofar: What do you like the most?
Niharika: Writing…that’s my first love though we broke up for sometime, we have buried our hatches and are back again. I love writing, I feel I am a different person when I write. Other than that I like music, I feel music is food for soul as, if you keep music and me away from each other I might get sick. I love dancing too also I am a National level Kathak Dancer and have represented my state many times.

Nilofar: Did you go through something called the struggling phase?

Niharika: Work wise I never had to struggle because I almost always had offers even if low paying and the skills and knowledge required for this profile came naturally to me but If you take working back as an intern at 27 after heading HR department, working without a salary initially or your salary being stuck with production houses to travelling 60 km severyday, being harassed by production people for not giving in or becoming an easy target, not getting paperwork and working on verbal assurances to having no work for months sometimes because that’s how it is here is called struggling phase then yes of course. But then keeping your hopes intact, constantly working upon your skills, leaving a great impression about your work and waiting for this phase where people call you to do their projects and place a blank cheque for your consultation fee I feel it was all worth it.

We all will come across difficult time but then they are just situations not permanent settlement. Everyday you get an opportunity to improve the life you are living and make it into something you will have no regrets about when you are on your death bed. That’s my life’s motto ‘No Regrets’

Nilofar: What message would you like to give to aspiring creatives?

Niharika: Seek respect not attention….. people know when you are faking it so keep learning and work well.The competition is brutal and so is the demand and supply ratio so be the best at your work and maintain healthy relations.No short cuts, If you want to reach high sooner work your best and you will. Nothing else will. Also, be prepared for sleep deprivation.

Well, the young lady has proven that a girl from small town can do anything, so it won’t be wrong if one has to say ” namumkin kuchh bhi nahin”

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