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How Kalavati sensitised actor Vishwajeet towards women


Mumbai: Playing Kalavati has made me relook at the way men look at women and has helped me understand women psyche better,” says actor Vishwajeet Pradhan.

“The way men look at you… the way a woman feels a man’s gaze on her body and the way she hates the feeling… I experienced it during the shoot where men would gaze at me from behind on a 15-20 metre walk… the way men look at you… I would feel he gaze burning into me. Each of these men from the unit would do it not knowing it is me in women’s getup. The moment I change, they look at you with respect and say ji… I really expect men to look at women with respect. And after being a woman for 12 hours for six months, this thought has only become stronger.”

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