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Kabir to save Ananya from the goons in Sony TVs’ Reporters

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Mumbai: Based on the background of a media house, the beguiling twists and turns in each episode of Reporters’ on Sony Entertainment Television is keeping the viewers engaged to the show.

If our sources are to be believed in the upcoming episode we will get to see that, According to the storyline, while Ananya and Kabir try to get to the knack of a criminal case as a part of their reporting project, some goons kidnap them. In between the chaos, Ananya just realises that she lost her pendant which was very dear to her. While she gets furious and tries to search the pendant, the goons misunderstand her for running away and try to shoot her.

Further more source elaborates saying, “On the other hand, Kabir is shocked to see the situation and tries to save Ananya.”

How will Kabir save Ananya from the goons? Will the goons shoot Ananya to death? To know what happens ahead, don’t miss to watch Reporters from Monday to Friday at 9 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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