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Jennifer Winget – What about her story?

Jennifer Winget

Mumbai: With the latest articles on Karan Singh Grover’s marriage troubles all are speculating about his flirty, play boy nature bringing in again and again his love affairs, every article concentrates on “his” story but what about “her” story?

Isn’t it a little too feministic and mediocre to think that a woman is always the epitome of purity? If a man can have affairs, can’t a woman be involved in it too? Who hasn’t heard the famous Hindi idiom “taali ek haath se nahi bajti” it always takes two hands to clap.

If Karan is blamed for their marriage trouble why is Jennifer not blamed? She is equally responsible for it. If sources are to be believed Jennifer Winget has been having an affair with someone from the sets of Saraswati Chandra, the serial she is currently working for.
If the sources are true then, it clearly tells us that there is always more than what meets the eye and before jumping to any forms of conclusion and putting the entire blame on a person, both the sides of the coin should be studied.

As for the topic about their divorce is concerned, there has to be some truth to it because if there really wasn’t any trouble in paradise Jennifer Winget wouldn’t need to clarify it time and time again.

We will come again with more news so stay tuned.



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