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Is this Surbhi Jyoti’s Biggest Mistake…?

Surbhi Jyoti

Mumbai: Television show Qubool Hai has noticed an improvement in the TRP and it seems the team is now having a very good time on their way but on the other hand the fans are not at all happy with the show.

In relation to this received lot of phone calls and email expressing their anger of repeating the scenes with two new faces! Yes, Qubool Hai fan club said that the production team members are just repeating the scenes of television show Qubool Hai (Before Leap) where Karan Singh Grover was seen with Surbhi Jyoti and this time the members are again repeating the same scenes in the show with Surbhi Jyoti and KaramVir Bohra – just with an aim to gain TRP.

Along with this an internal Fan (ELLE – Name Changed) said, the team members should end the show as it has no more original ideas and now they are just affecting the reputation and our love for the actors.

KVB and his wife over promoting the show on twitter and instagram is also making Surbhi Jyoti look like an easily manipulated person. Many of her fans are very disappointed with her contradictory interviews whereby she changes her friends, mentors and buddies at the split of a TRP.

Is this the wrong step taken by the actress as the show TRP is increasing daily but her popularity graph seems down if fans are coming up with complaints to media….



  1. Miya

    July 21, 2014 at 4:22 PM

    Are you come with articles of all the Bollywood actors that are promoting their movies & hobbies in TV serials too?

    What about all the other actors who are posting all their selfies? May we also have their articles too?

    No wonder your website is flagged as a unreliable, unoriginal, non-credible site.

  2. Athira

    August 26, 2014 at 10:52 AM

    this article is just baseless….fans are not happy…just say it clearly that ksg fans are not happy…we are very happy in the way the story is progressing and we are loving it a lot more than qh1….
    coming to kv,he is not only posting the pics related to qh,he is a person who is quite active on social media even before qh and he jusnt need to promote his show when its doing well…..
    actually the fact is qh doesnt even ger 2%of promos which it used to get earlier,even though the trps are increasing….inspite of all these controversies its still doing well….
    i dont think they are repeating the scenes….so far they just recreated a single scene and you are telling that they are copying…qh2 is totally diferent from qh1 in story wise and its story is much better than qh1….i can say it beign a regular veiwer from day 1

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