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Interview: “Very interesting things are happening on the sets now,” says Rafi Malik

Interview, Rafi Malik

Rafi Malik who is playing Ramshrey in Rajan Shahi’s Tere Sheher mein speaks about twist and turn in the show!

1. In Tere sheher mein suddenly as a twist your character Ramshrey got married to amaya (Hiba Nawab) throw light on the twist and turns?
Ans: This is one of the biggest twist in our show through which you can see. The two jodi’s are separated just to keep up family pride so both are sticking to the marriage just because of respect and name in the society of their respected families further there are many more twist and turns coming up which we are already working on hope we do our best to deliver it through our performances.

2. How do you feel after your on-screen marriage?
Ans: This is not my first on screen marriage but this is the second time I got married in my career. But I didn’t get married in a normal way in both the shows I got married because of the circumstances. I feel nothing.

3. You are quite young in real life so how was the experience of rituals and all?
Ans: It was tiring though we shoot for all the rituals and all for almost 15 days and it was quit fun too. I got to see a lot of new things and rasams through this which was hilarious and enjoyable at the same time.

4. What is the feedback you are getting for the show?
Ans: The feedback is mix as the youngsters who are religiously following the show are not liking the changes in the show as they are very keen to see their favourite jodi’s together where rest of the audience is really appreciating the twist as they are saying it’s more gripping and interesting now because it’s complicated now.

5. Any interesting incident from the set?
Ans: Very interesting things are happening on the sets now as we are doing a lot of such sequences which are beyond our limits to imagine which you will see in upcoming episodes.

6. Any incident with Gautami Kapoor or Hiba Nawab?
Ans: No incident happened with gautami ji or hiba as we all gel along well and it’s fun to work with such wonderful people around.

7. You are being appreciated. What is the best compliment you got in recent times?
Ans: I got a really sweet compliment from my producer which was really humble and sweet gesture as he called me said I really like your scenes, the way you act and deliver I am really impressed with your work amd also said And I am one of the finest actors he has ever work with. I am thankful to my god and my producer and director for believing in me it’s because of them and my entire team who always helps me guide me in my good and bad they always try to get the best out of me which is making my work appreciate even more by people.

8. The time slot got changed. What is your reaction to it?
Ans: Destiny has already been written we are just walking on our path the same way we are working hard to keep the audience entertained so all positive about the time slot change. I think whatever happens, happens for a reason and we all hoping and taking it positively.

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