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Interview: Television actor Divyanka Tripathi has a crush on Sonu Sood

Interview, Divyanka Tripathi, crush, Sonu Sood

Mumbai: One and only famous television actress Divyanka Tripathi takes out time with us for her fans and tell us more about herself.

No doubt Divyanka you are sweet, charming, adorable but for sure you are one among the person who is down to earth always. You proved yourself as heroine even off camera.

Divyanka seems to be very positive and polite personality. She shares her funda how one can stay always happy.

In a conversation she said, “I am always a positive person because I have always seen that negativity leads to nothing at all. It never makes you achieve anything good or it never makes you feel good. So only thing left is positivity and that’s why I choose the right path. I choose to be positive as it makes me feel good as human being.
Polite personality is something which comes with you upbringing. I think one should not shade his /her politeness for any kind of person, for any kind of age group or for once achievement level.

As we know ‘Fallo se lada per hi jhukta hai’ So, same should be the behavior. Same should be once great behavior.”

We also dare to know how actress spends her free time.
Actress shared, “I love reading books. When I am free I clean my house. I love to watch movies. I also love going out for long drives. Even I love to spend time with my family and friends.”

We asked Divyanka about her latest crush over any Bollywood Actor?
Answer: The gorgeous Divyanka tells that the one Bollywood actor I have crush with the latest would be SONU SOOD.

We even wanted to know after becoming one of the popular TV star if the actress still have any dream to achieve?

Answer: I have many dreams, many dreams are need to be full filled yet. One can never achieve everything. So definitely there is much more for me to achieve. Much more success is left but I cannot specify any of my dream as of now. But I know I have to grow. Where, when, how, in which direction that only the course of time will tell. Because I am a very flexible person. I just take one step at a time and I don’t dream randomly. I just know I have a lot to do but what, this only time will tell.

We wish Divyanka all the best for her success and want her to say be as you are. You are the best example country need for the youngster.

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