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Interview: “Style and fashion never depends on money”, says Aleeza khan

Interview, Aleeza khan

Mumbai: The hot and stunning Alleza Khan takes out time with us and share her views and experiences. The gorgeous looking girl who is seen in different television series with her wonderful acting skills talks about her personal life.

What are your hobbies ?

Actress replies, ” I love dancing, acting, watching Hollywood movies, partying, shopping, playing basketball. I am a gadget freak. I love gaming.”

Do you think style and fashion depends on money?

Gorgeous replies ” Style is something you carry, on the other hand fashion is the trend depending on the season. Style is something you carry on looking at your comfort level again Fashion relates the ongoing style. We should be very much comfortable with what ever we wear. We make our own style and as per as fashion is concerned it depends on seasons. As in summer, I believe in wearing loose clothes. I use my sense of clothes like light or bright color. I don’t believe in watching fashion shows or following anyone. I choose what I am comfort with!!
I never think fashion and style depends upon money.”

What if we talk about staying fit or healthy?

Beauty tells, ” As far as fitness is concerned I am really not a zero size person and I am really not into gym and all. But I do believe in staying fit and healthy. Firstly, It helps to keep your stamina high. Secondly, it makes your skin glow and thirdly, it keeps you younger. So, having a fit and healthy body is very much important. It should be that way whether you are an actor or normal person, one should keep themselves fit and healthy. Like, I dont believe in dieting at all, I love to eat anything. I eat everything. I love to drink green tea. I would just say one thing eat everything but make sure you take it out from your system as soon as possible. That would be like you are having your favorite food at the same time by working out or sweating you are taking it out from your body. We should consume more of water as it is healthy for skin. Even green tea before and after food helps in digestion. If you can do one hour or thirty minutes jogging every single day that would be great. That’s the way I keep myself fit and healthy.”

Can you tell us what are the differences you see between Hollywood and Bollywood?

Actress answer, “Its very simple and definitely Bolly does differs from Holly. Even a small child can make out the difference. First of all there is no compression between Hollywood and Bollywood. Hollywood is much more advanced and we are still left behind. However we are working hard to reach that level but we will need some more years to be their. Bolly is all about colors and love however holly is about class, status, performance and all everything. Hollywood is an idle for Bollywood. Hollywood is always Lovly, interesting and lessonable as per me. My first preference is Hollywood, they are always worth watching. Bollywood is predictable but Hollywood is not at all predictable.”

What about your Hollywood crush? Any one you want to go crazy with?

Girl answers, ” Tom Cruise, Jason, Adam Sandler, Vin Diesel.. They all are my favorite. But among all Chris Hemsworth is my crush.. I am too much crazy about him. His presence gets me ##### lol!! You talk of fitness? He is just perfect!! Every time I see him, I crave for him more and more. In one of his movie I was speechless but not soundless. He is tall well build… With or without clothes on… He is perfect package. I would love to spend some time with him. One day not enough though!!”

Can you share any interesting experience of your life?

Actress shares. ” There are some interesting experience of my life. The time I started working in television, my first break was with creative eye, ‘Ghar ki Lakshmi Betiyann’, a very very hit show from Zee Tv, that was my first experience that i had replaced somebody, again after one year I got another break with my favorite, Rajshree Production, for the show namely, ‘Jhilmil Sitaaron ka Aangan Hoga’, my dream came true! Interesting was again I replaced somebody. You know what I did an audition for the same role before but din’t get it but later on got call for the same. So many shows I was part of, have been replacing so many people but still I won to get the same love which someone else were getting. ”

We thanks the talented and gorgeous actress to share her time with us. We wish you a great successful life.

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