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Interview: “Once upon a time dating girls use to my favorite thing,” says actor Vaquar Sheikh

Interview, Vaquar Sheikh

Mumbai: The hot and versatile actor who was recently awarded Dadasaheb Phlakey Award for short film takes out his time and shares his personal shade with us.

Actor was pushed in a rumor of having living relationship with one of her co-actress Shweta Gulati we asked him to share his comments over it?
Actor laughs and clears, ” I am happily married man and enjoying my life with my wife and family. However Shweta and me shares a pure friendship.”
Further Actor adds, “Its good when you dramatic chemistry make people think and rumor about false relations. Hence we both proved that we carry very good acting skills”

No doubt you do carry!! Further we asked actor how he spends his free time.
Actor shares, ” When I am free I am usually at my home. I love playing video games. Recently I got into writing stories. I enjoy my time with my friends and family.”

Do you love dating girls?
Actor laughingly shares, “Once upon a time dating girls use to my favorite thing. And then got married and now go on dates with my lovable wife only and I am satisfied with her presence.”

You seems to be happily married man! Can you share your views that how can marriage can be kept fresh and healthy!
Actor shares, “just treat your partner as a friend. Be open and share about everything. Loving your mates likes and dislikes. Give respect, care and love. And both should involve themselves in eachothers hobbies and am very much sure you will find your marriage life always new, fresh and healthy”

We wish actor Vaquar Sheikh happy and healthy life ahead!

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