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Interview: In talk with Rashmi Desai and Nandish Sandhu!!!

Interview, Rashmi Desai, Nandish Sandhu

Mumbai: Rashmi Desai and Nandish Sandhu seem to be one of the most honest couple’s on Nach Baliye 7. Right from day one they have admitted that they have issues. Rashmi had said in the premier episode that “They had seen lots of ups and downs and more sour moments rather than sweet.”

When we met the couples during a recent media interaction; Rashmi was thankful to Nach for it helped them to understand each other. “We learnt a lot about each other mistakes and it further helped to quell the communication fault lines which had developed between us. We are now better able to talk to each other. I was really happy when he kept the karva chuat task so well for me despite knowing that he can’t keep off food. ” Here she added a very important caveat that their relationship was not more stable post Nach.

Rashmi was also thankful for the Sorry and Thank you task, “For in our daily life there are many things which we take for granted. Through this task I was happy to find out that my Baliye does care for me”. “We told our partner about the sacrifice we do for the other,”added Nandish.

When asked as to what she learnt about Nandish, Rashmi smiled,“ I never knew Nandish could dance so well. He really enjoys himself.”

The two clearly had difference of opinion on whether being married or single help’s in Nach, Nandish says, “A relationship dwell’s on love and understand, the marital status does not really matter. ” Here Rashmi disagreed with hubby saying, “From a woman’s point of view a lot changes post marriage and she needs to think beyond herself. Having said that this has no bearing on de dance per se.” said she

One clear jarring note seems to be Rashmi’s problems with Nandish’s friends. The latter conceded that the issue continues to fester. Rashmi butted in saying, “Ms. Desai does not have an issue, but Mrs. Sandhu has.” To which Nandish said, “There is nothing I can do about it, you have to deal with it. Rashmi responded by saying,“ Then the problem will remain as it and he will have to bear it.” Pat came the reply, “I am ready to listen.”

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