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Interview: “I would play basketball with a hot girl,” tells Tarul Swami

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Mumbai: The hot and sexy man who is now a days in lips of every girl for his decent look and romentic styles. While Zee TV’s Hello Pratibha will soon bid adieu to its viewers, we have with us Tarul Swami talk about his hobbies and his experience shooting for the show.

  1. Can you share about yourself like how you love to shade your free time?
    Tarul :Whenever I get time off I make sure I play basketball in my free time. Beside I love wild life photography which I keep doing taking trips to national parks all around India. Hobbies I have always been into sports. Well I usually spent my time with my friends as I got no family here they are back home in Rajasthan. Watching films or I take random trips right in the middle of night and just leave and If nothing else I love to sit at home and chill.

  2. Can you tell us your exprience from first to fifth show?
    Tarul: Well the experience have been great so far have come across some really nice people to work with I share a great rappo and still in touch with quite a few. It’s been a great learning experience everyday you learn something new as they say changes are the only things constant also as an actor you got to keep evolving yourself. God was kind enough got quite a variety to play so far. God is been kind enough.

  3. Exploring places, photography, acting multi-talented you are soo what qualities your dreamy girl carries?
    Tarul: Someone who loves me and my family that’s all rest I will take care no demands as such. I am down to earth.

  4. You would love to date a hot girl or play basket ball in your holidays?
    Tarul: I would play basketball with a hot girl. I mean girls like sports too.

  5. Tell us about ur love towards sports!
    Tarul: Been always found of sports. My dad always pushed me into it whnever I get time off I make sure I lay my hands on one.

You really rock tarul. We wish a bright life ahead.

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