Interview: “I am really happy to know Mahima is happy,” says Roopal Tyagi

Mumbai:┬áThe hot choreographer and television actress Roopal Tyagi who is best known for playing the role of Gunjan in the…

Interview, Mahima, happy, Roopal Tyagi

Mumbai:┬áThe hot choreographer and television actress Roopal Tyagi who is best known for playing the role of Gunjan in the Indian soap opera ‘Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke’ on Zee Tv. Roopal started her career as a choreographer in 2007. After she made her acting career with the role of Mansha in ‘Hamari Betiyoon Ka Vivaah’. She also acted in ‘Ek Nayi Chhoti Si Zindagi’.

In 2012, actress won two Zee Rishtey Awards for Favorite ‘Behen’ as Gunjan essaying sister of Rachana (Mahima Makwana) and Favorite ‘Nayi Jodi’ as Gunjan pairing with Mayank (Ankit Gera). In 2013, she was nominated in the Indian Telly Awards for Fresh New Face as Gunjan. The actress is with us today to share her shades post her recent show ‘Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke’

  1. When we asked actress that after ‘Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke’ how she planing to shade her life professionally?
    Actress shares, “After sapne I had decided to take a break for sometime but an interesting kannada film came my way and I am shooting again!” When we went on asking about the movie she adds, ” Cant talk about the film much right now second schedule of the movie will start soon, Maybe then!”

  2. Whats the most missing thing in your life which you are exploring but could not find it!
    Roopal shares, “I dont leave a scope to miss anything in life. I do what I want, when I want and thankfully my parents are always supportive. Because they know I have been brought up in a way that I have my head in the right place!”

  3. What you think if you want to became a reality queen, wish to do reality shows?
    Actress replies, “I love reality shows. Specially dance based. Dancing is my first love.”

  4. Can you torch over your and Rachana (Mahima Makwana) and even yours and Mayank (Ankit Gera) relation post Sapne!
    Actress shares, “I have spoken to mahima after the show and I am really happy to know she is happy. Who is ankit?”

  5. What was the crazy activity done by your fans for you?
    Tyagi shares, “Lots of crazy stuff that fans have done. Someone said he was missing me on screen so much that is why he has started playing all my old shows on internet from morning to night. and sent me video clips on social media!”

  6. Which Bollywood Actor you would love to go for a date with?
    Actress tells, “some how cant date or stand actors specially guys who spend too much time in the gym or infront of the mirror.(smiles)”

  7. What u think when it comes to one night stand?
    Sexy tells, “I am sure its as useless as it sounds”

  8. Anyone word that can describe you (not Roopal)?
    Actress replies, “A word that can describe me if not Roopal Tyagi than is Happy!”

We wish the actress a bright life ahead!