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Interesting Turn in colors Balika Vadhu

colors, Balika Vadhu

Mumbai: Balika Vadhu is turning interesting day by day. The popular show of colors will entertain more in coming episodes. Yes, what will be that continue to know more.

As per our sources Harki and Akheraj will fix alliance with a new girl Urmila as they had come across Kundan’s physical wants which is attracting him towards Nimboli. Thus, Akhiraj will warn Chagni and Mangle (Rajeshwari Sachdev) to not blabber about the truth of Kundan’s marriage with Nimboli (Gracy Goswami). On the other hand, Kundan will again come up with an idea to get physical with Nimboli. He will teach Nimboli to write alphabets and while doing that he will try to touch her inappropriately.
Jyagya comes to know about Mannu’s relationship.

Mannu will be seen sharing his concern about his father Ratan and how Ganga (Aasiya Kazi) kept the truth hidden about his biological father. Later, Pooja and Mannu will hug each other which will be witnessed by Jagya. He (Shashank Vyas) will confront Mannu about the same for which he will insult Jagya that he is not his real father and intentionally kept him away from his biological father. Even Pooja’s mother will hit her for loving Mannu.

Will Niboli be thrown out of Kundan’s house? Will Mannu forgive Jagya and Ganga?

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