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“I need air, water, food and Yash for my living”, says Qubool hai actress Amrapali Gupta

Qubool hai, Amrapali Gupta

Mumbai: She is hot. She is bubbly. She is sexy. She is charming. She is Amrapali Gupta. She is Mrs. Yash Sinha.

Yes, today the talented actress who shocked the audience from her negative role as Tanveer, in the most popular Zee TV show Qubool Hai, is with us to share about herself and her family.

Gorgeous Amrapali Gupta made her television debut with ‘Khushiyaan’ on DD National. After that she played in ‘Pyaar Ke Do Naam: Ek Radha, Ek Shyaam’ as Ginno. She is married to her co-star Yash Sinha from ‘Teen Bahuraaniyaan’ and she appeared in the Star Plus reality dance show ‘Nach Baliye’ in its sixth season with her husband Yash Sinha.

The actress talks about ‘Family’

Can you describe ‘Family’ ??
Actress replies, ” If I am asked to define family in one word than I will say it’s togetherness. The strength, power, emotions, interest everything comes in a person from family. Family means to me is ‘togetherness’. In any kind of situation family is the one who stands with you. They are the one with whom you share your feelings like if you are happy or sad. They are the one who justify you. They are the one who help you to come out of any problems. They are the one who cares for you. They are the one who celebrates with you.
If I talk about my family, I was in nuclear family before marriage like we siblings and our parents but after marriage, I come to joint family. I learned the meaning of family here. We all stay together and connected. Yup, because of work we might be at different places but still we are always available for each other anytime.”

You have been seen in many family oriented frictions so what exactly you think the way we see families on screen are they similar to off screen real families?
Actress replies, ” Somewhere sometimes Yes, the onscreen family environment are similar to off screen one. As If like my family, we all live together and eat together on same dining. We all go for trips and enjoy together. We celebrate festivals and any other occasions together. Soo that is quite similar between on and off screen.
But other side on screen vamps are more dangerous but in real we do see person with lot of negativity and with all of jealous kind of feeling and they create so much disturbance in the family. So some were on and off screen relates and somewhere it doesn’t.”

As you are now in a joint family, can you tell us your views like what keeps a family happy and what can protect a family from issues of misunderstandings?
Actress tells ” As per me, the routine of eating together, praying together, celebrating together, shopping together or going on vacations together keeps a family happy and healthy. There should always be a kind of respect for elders and love for youngers. In my family we do have such qualities. So I am very much happy with a healthy and happy family I am with.
Secondly, the feeling of forgiveness or avoidance of small issues can protect the families from the differences create by misunderstandings. In my family we try to understand each others, I respect my in-laws and try to understand the facts if they say anything to me. In need, we all allow to have some kind of privacy which is also very much important for healthy family.
I keep my learnings with me. My mother in law thought me to accept a person the way he/she is else than changing the way I wish he/she should be!! Five fingers are not same but all together help us to work. Similarly, all members are not same but all are important in a family.
One should clarify things other than trusting others or judging ourselves this will really protect family from misunderstandings.”

What can keep marriage life always fresh according to you?
Actress shares, ” Different kinds of excitements like going for outings, dinner, long drives and all. Yes shopping together!! I think surprising each other keeps the marriage always fresh. Its seven years I am married to Yash. We are still so much passionate about each other like we were before marriage. We keep on surprising each other when ever we get a chance. We go out and enjoy our time the best way we can. We both are always crazy for each other. Its really difficult sometime when we shoot and cannot meet each other. We feel like what we are missing?? A kind of feeling occurs like the same when we are hungry or thirsty!!! We are power for each other. I need food, water, air and Yash for my living.”

On which old song you want to romance with your hubby?
Actress sings, ” Jab koi baat bigad jaye” (Movie : Jurm, 1990)

We thanks the beautiful girl to share her time with us and wish her for more of success in her life.

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