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“I love speaking with my eyes”, says Mahika Sharma

Mahika Sharma

Mumbai: The gorgeous and stunning Mahika Sharma is always in mind for her contrasting personality.

If we think about Mahika we think about emotions. Sometimes she is the firebrand or sometimes very sensitive. she is pure, wicked fun. Mahika has seen killing people from her eyes expressions. Her smile and frank behavior has made her lovable among the fans.

She has been found loving herself the way she is other than challenging the world of fashion and style.

Miss teen Mahika is always criticized in media for lack of interest in maintaining herself. She is never seen grooming herself but than too termed as “unconventional beauty”

When we spoke to the diva, she tells, “god has given us different parts with different function.

Hence I am not different to eat from eyes and see from mouth. Lol, but sometimes I love to stay quite and try to speak from my eyes. I feel we don’t need to be worried about our looks like how people will judge our look. But we should always remember God has given us look soo accept it and love it.

Even we should remember we describe our parents from our look soo we should not allow anyone to judge our look. We should be good positive and polite that is more important.”

Well Mahika you are not only good looking from your looks but for sure you have you are good and intelligent from your brain too. We wish the hot charming northeast diva get all success in her life.

By: Siya Agarwal

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